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Considering responsibility toward nature or the global environment, the objects of responsibility are non-human entities such as the atmosphere, soil, water, wildlife, and so forth that are not covered by traditional ethics.
The concept of responsibility toward the natural world as a whole has arisen only in recent years, as human activities that interfere with natural cycles have been carried out on such a scale as to upset the balance of nature and the environment. Business is widely regarded as the chief culprit, with primary responsibility for the mass-production, mass-marketing, mass-consumption, and mass-disposal that underlie much of this environmental degradation.
Whilst we can observe how humans influence the environment to some degree, it is only by scientific measurement of the basic physical parameters that we can quantify these factors.  Just as important is the ability to measure and record their rate of change.
This weather station in Colorado State University is measuring air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, air pressure, solar radiation, precipitation and soil temperature every 10 minutes. 
Because of proximity to the campus buildings, data can easily be streamed to computers housed close by.
The situation is rather different in remote locations and although data can be recorded onto SD cards or memory chips, such data is not immediately available to scientific personnel. 
This is where the Arbel EasiData makes an entrance.
EasiData - the system designed to monitor virtually any physical parameter and record these readings to an internal SD card in addition to transmitting the data to our Cloud based servers.
As we major on using the GPRS and 3G connectivity services of the mobile providers,  the EasiData is not dependent on having cable or WiFi access in order to transmit data.
Data recording and transmission frequency can be set at a level to suit the requirements of the customer, who is then able to view the data by logging into our servers from virtually any part of the world and with any device that can connected to the internet.
EasiData can be connected to most transducer devices through a one wire data bus or A-D inputs, in addition to being able to remotely switch on or off external equipment.
Requiring only a 12v DC power supply, EasiData is also the perfect solution for monitoring and data collection in vehicles and refrigerated transport.
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