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Food Hygiene

With increased legislation aimed at improving food storage and handling practises in supermarkets right the way down to village stores, when it comes to chilled and frozen foods the requirements are very strict.

Over the last few years there have been cases where serious injury and death have resulted from poor HACCP procedures being in place.  Where you are the store owner or shopkeeper, are you prepared to risk the health of your customers or family by not having in place automatic equipment for monitoring chilled or frozen foods?

The graphic show two shop refrigerated deli-counters.   Refrigerator No. 1 (the yellow line) is chilling the food too much and there is also too wide a differential between the cooling equipment cutting in and out according to the thermostat demands.
Refrigerator No.2 (the blue line) has a better temperature differential and tighter control of the cooling plant, but the average temperature is on the high side.
After numerous and expensive call-out charges from the service engineers, complaints from customers about spoiled food and frozen milk, the  shop owner replaced both cabinets.  No harm done!  But only efficient monitoring by our EasiData unit, working 24/7, gave a true representation of the situation.
Why risk fines, or even corporate manslaughter charges, quite apart from your customers health, when suitable, reasonably priced equipment is readily available.  That grubby notebook and pencil, only infrequently used to record food temperatures is simply not good enough.
Arbel Electronics has solutions, currently in production, for monitoring and recoirding food temperatures in cold stores, refrigerators and chilled food counters.
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