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Keith at the Dairy Event.JPG
Our MD, Keith Elcomb, stands next to a Fabdec Dairy-Kool milk cooling tank.
Fabdec have a proud history in milk tank manufacture and have been in operation since 1960.
Without doubt, our indigenous British manufactured Dari-Kool milk tanks offer outstanding build quality and performance.
Arbel Electronics has a long association in supplying Fabdec Ltd with milk cooling tank controls and hundreds of these give 24/7 service on diary farms both in the UK and in the EU. 
In this mission critical control system application, dairy farmers who choose the Dari-Kool milk tank, fitted with a control system from Arbel Electronics, won't find a better combination in milk cooling efficiency and effective reliable control.
MilkManagers in the factory.JPG
Melissa Liu, our technical translator in Wenzhou, China is teaching her colleagues about the benefits of using quality Western control systems, in the Dayu milk cooling tank factory.
They do say that if a company can sell electronic controls into China, they must be doing something right!  China has expanded its dairy industry considerably over the last few years and we are proud to support their efforts to improve milk quality.  Our reliable and efficient milk cooling and vat washing controls are appreciated in many countries worldwide.
Melissa, who completed the test wiring of a MilkMinder control to a small  Dayu milk cooling tank, was delighted to find that everything was working correctly when the power was switched on.
The Dayu factory engineers then modified their control system cabinets to take the MilkMinder control and subsequently the company started manufacture of CIP equipment on their larger vats to take advantage of MilkMinder's integral wash control facility.
Arbel Electronics welcomes enquiries from OEM milk tank manufacturers and we offer a full customisation service to suit individual requirements and language.
Why not drop us an email today? 
Melissa at Dayu - Wenzhou.JPG
Chinese milk tank and CIP.JPG

Here we have a Chinese manufactured milk tank, imported and installed on a Melbourne dairy farm by our Australian distributors, Barry Brown and Sons.


Scott Brown, their CEO, is very much a 'hands on 'executive' and the quality of their installations is very evident in this photograph. 


Very severe drought conditions in southern Australia is making life very tough for their farming sector at present.

Our own MD is very much looking forward to making a return trip in the near future and getting acquainted again with one of those superb Aussie steaks!

Commander Fitted.JPG
Commander in Place.JPG
Two photographs, showing our new Commander control system, retrofitted to a 12,000 litre Dari-Kool milk cooling tank.
The device fitted on the side of the console is our EasiData system.  This will be removed in the near future, as Commander can itself provide full data collection, monitoring and storage.
The Commander replaced the legacy MilkManager control unit.    Time taken to remove the older system and fit Commander was less than 30 minutes.  The original power supply/relay board interfaced directly with the new control.  So only the top lid and logic PCB needed to be replaced, so it was a 'plug and play" upgrade. *
Just minutes after the upgrade, the milk was collected and Commander put into action to wash the empty milk vat.
**  Note - only power supply/ relay PCB's manufactured since 2015 can be retained with Commander.  
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