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In all walks of life, we are never far away from instrumentation that provides an essential interface between ourselves and the environment.

Without instruments that measure parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, altitude, speed etc; aircraft would not fly, cars could not be driven, central heating could not be controlled.  There would be no power stations, no rail services, machine tools or any of those others things we regard as being essential to our quality of life.

Virtual all the products that we manufacture could be classified under the heading of Instruments.
In order to control or monitor, they measure physical parameters through devices called transducers.  Micro-controllers then process the information received according to the software operating system, with which they are programmed.  Depending ion the information received from transducers, valves can be automatically opened, motors started or stopped and if necessary, human operators can even be alerted to critical situations.
At Arbel, we like to design our hardware so that there is enough processing power and interfaces to external devices, so that with software modification, the hardware can be adapted to a wide variety of applications.
So for example we have hardware that can be used for monitoring and controlling a milk cooling tank, opening and closing doors on public service building and even monitoring the water and oil temperatures in a vehicle.  Same piece of hardware - different programming.  So here we have a situation where our EasiData system is monitor and controlling 3 entirely different situations: -
Our Easidata unit is monitoring three different temperature parameters on this old 4 X 4 farm vehicle.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Auto Gearbox Oil Temperature
  • Ambient Outside Air Temperature.
It is planned to add additional temperature sensors when the vehicle comes in for servicing.  Ultimately we will be offering the system for vehicles carrying chilled or frozen product.
Here we have the same piece of hardware, the EasiData unit, being installed in a public washroom operated by the Rhondda Cynon Taff Local Authority.
In this application, EasiData hardware is automatically controlling the electric locks on the doors.  Opening and closing times can be set from their headquarters, obviating the requirement for personnel to travel considerable distances in this valley area to adjust time clocks.
In addition the units monitor temperatures and can be setup to provide footfall data.  Useful when arranging cleaning schedules.
The project has been a considerable success and the Rhondda Cynon Taff Local Authority have been a forward thinking and very co-operative customer.
EasiData is providing excellent data monitoring services on many dairy farms in the UK and Australia. In these applications, several temperature sensors are fitted  to the milk vat, pre-cooling equipment and the condensing units
In addition, digital inputs from various valves and motors are recorded.
Easidata provides a very complete record of the important milking system operation and the date is made available to the farmer on our Cloud based servers in graphical and tabular format.
With SMS and email Alerts and Alarms, EasiData ticks all the boxes.
To log onto a live dairy farm and see live data, just  click HERE

 If you have an industrial application that requires instrumentation, monitoring or control, why not have a word with one of our team.

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