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It's hard to believe that the MilkMinder and MilkManager control systems have been in production for nearly 20 years.

But it is testimony to the quality and value of these milk cooling tank control systems that they have kept up with technological progress.

With many thousands of these systems working on dairy farms throughout the world and in the knowledge that technical advances can usually bring new benefits, Arbel decided to undertake a three year project to design a completely new system.

You will all remember the mobile phones in use 20 years ago!  Those were the days when people actually used their mobile phone to call each other.  This was the time when mobile designers were moving from phones as big as bricks, to ones so small that they were virtually unusable. 


Fortunately screen technology and micro controllers with more power in a package no bigger than ones little finger nail and more powerful than those used in the computers on the Apollo 11 Moon Landing command module, cannot be ignored.

So, let talk about our new Commander

Just a few hints to whet your appetites -

  • The Commander has a full colour text and graphics screen

  • Can be rapidly retrofitted to upgrade existing MilkMinder and MilkManger installations

  • Can interface to and read from multiple temperature sensors.  Great for monitoring that pre-cooling.

  • Completely new programming software that uses USB to USB connection or WiFi

Come back again soon and we will tell you more every week.

The graphic on the left shows the screen that is presented when the unit is power on but in stand-by mode. Notice the useful information displayed on the screen.

When the milk is above collection temperature the reading will be in red.  When down to collection temperature it will be green.

Traffic light system?

 We look forward to seeing you back here again.

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